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Bogey Hole

About Bogey Hole

Located in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, the Bogey Hole, also referred to as the Commandant’s Baths, is a sea bath that holds significant heritage value. It is believed to be the oldest standing European structure in the city. The pool was meticulously carved out of a sandstone/conglomerate rock shelf, situated at the foot of cliffs near Shepherds Hill.

The Commandant’s Baths, also known as the Bogey Hole, is an ancient sea bath located in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. This historic structure, believed to be the oldest European construction in the city, was carved out of a sandstone/cliff base near Shepherds Hill. Lieutenant-Colonel James Thomas Morisset, who served as the Commandant of Newcastle from 1818 to 1823, commissioned the pool’s construction using convict labour around 1820 for his personal use. The term ‘Bogie’ or ‘Bogey’ is said to have originated from the Dharawal language, meaning ‘to bathe’ or ‘a bathing place.’ On 21 November 2003, it was officially included in the New South Wales State Heritage Register.

Bogey Hole

What to do at Bogey Hole

The Bogey Hole is a perilous location situated beneath a simulated headland, enduring the forceful impact of turbulent seas. Braving the odds, local daredevils frequently test their luck by scaling the cliff and leaping into the Bogey Hole, which boasts a mere depth of approximately 1.5 meters. Another thrilling activity favoured by residents involves gripping the barrier chains on the ocean-facing side of the baths during moderate swells, steadfastly clinging on as a wave crashes upon them. According to Audrey Reay, the Bogey Hole served as an exquisite spot for a refreshing swim, but it posed dangers during inclement weather. During high tides and rough conditions, it offered a blissful experience if one could navigate in and out safely; however, for an average or mediocre swimmer, escaping unscathed proved to be a challenging feat.

Situated at the foot of Shepherds Hill, also known as ‘sheep pasturage hill’ in the 1820s, the Bogey Hole ocean pool is a sight that will captivate Instagrammers and is a must-see attraction along the Newcastle coastline. Whether you witness its impressive presence during high tide or bask in its tranquillity during low tide, taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of the Bogey Hole is a must when visiting King Edward Park. The geological composition of the area consists of sandstone/conglomerate, which is typical of the coastal regions formed by the Hawkesbury Sandstone deposit that serves as the foundation for Newcastle. Recognizing its historical significance, the Bogey Hole is listed on the NSW State Heritage Register and holds potential national importance as the earliest purpose-built ocean swimming pool in Australia.

Bogey Hole

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