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Timber Decking in Newcastle

Leading Timber Decking Contractor in Newcastle

timber materials for decking needs in Newcastle

Patios Newcastle is the leading timber decking contractor in Newcastle, and we have experience designing cost-effective decks that will last for years. We strive to provide you with a deck that will match your needs and help you enjoy life to its fullest.

Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience in the industry. We also pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, as we will work closely with you to make sure your deck is just what you need!


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    Professional Timber Deck Builder

    A timber deck is a perfect addition to any outdoor living space, and it can bring a lot of joy to your family and visitors. At Patios Newcastle, we have experience designing and installing cost-effective decks that will give you years of enjoyment. We offer a wide range of options for materials, so you can get what you’re looking for!

    Your Outdoor Living Space Deserves the Best

    Timber decking is a virtual extension to your outdoor living space. Patio building can add a lot of joy to your home and provide relaxation for you and the family. It can also help entertaining visitors who have come over for dinner or just stopping by on their way down from Newcastle.

    At Patios Newcastle, our deck builders work hard to create a excellent quality deck for your home. They will work with you every step of the way and provide plenty of tips on adding finishing touches that will make it perfect for your space.

    We can add different features to your deck, like:

    A large pergola to provide shade and cover from the rain.
    Exposed beams in a timber or hardwood finish for an authentic look that will add charm to your outdoor space.
    Retaining walls and planter boxes to create a focal point on one side of the garden so that it doesn’t feel too cluttered.
    A solid timber deck with or without a railing for added safety protects little children from tumbling over the edge.

    At Patios Newcastle, we can design your backyard in ways that will make you love spending time outside again!

    timber decking specialists in Newcastle

    Types of Timber Decking

    There are different types of timber decking that you can choose from. Here is a summary of them:

    Hardwood decking

    Hardwood decking is the most expensive option, but it will last the longest. It’s regularly used for the decking of expansive decks. It will last longer than softwood because it is denser and has a better ability to withstand rot caused by water.

    Treated pine decking

    Treated pine decking is the next most commonly used type of timber decking. It is because it’s the cheapest option and also a very durable type of wood.

    excellent quality and stunning patios with timber decking

    Benefits of Timber Decking in Your Property

    Timber decking can offer numerous benefits for your outdoor space, including:

    1. Low Maintenance

    People are always looking for ways to improve their property without doing anything too tricky. Timber decking is a cost-effective option that doesn’t require much maintenance at all, which makes it perfect for people who don’t have time or the energy to spend working on their gardens.

    3. Adding Value to Property

    Timber decking is a great way to add value to your property. Adding a timber deck will increase your outdoor living space’s size, which can be very attractive for potential buyers looking to purchase houses in Newcastle.

    5. Aesthetic Value

    Timber decks are very aesthetically pleasing and will look good in any garden setting. Aesthetics is something we take into account when designing your new timber deck with Patios Newcastle.

    2. Weather Resistant

    Weather resistant timber decks are always an advantage when looking to improve your property. Timber decks are treated with UV protection, which means they will not rot or decay over time due to the weather conditions in your area.

    4. Affordable Extra Space

    You can add a space for you to enjoy a meal outside on that timber deck or relax.

    6. Ideal Outdoor Space for Guests

    Timber decking is one way to create an outdoor space that all can enjoy. You have the option to build a timber deck of any size, and it’s always beautiful.

    Timber decks for every budget in Newcastle, NSW

    Our goal is to provide timber decks for every budget, whether a small or large deck. We specialize in timber decking because we want to give you the best product and service possible at the lowest price.

    As an extension of your home, timber decks are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. With so many styles and colours you can choose, we’ll work with you to find something that will meet your needs.

    Suppose you live in Newcastle or know anyone who does then; please contact us today! We install and offer professional advice on all types of decking products.

    Benefits of Working with Patios Newcastle

    Hiring the right timber deck builder for your project isn’t always easy. You need to take into account the cost, quality and longevity of what you are building.

    At Patios Newcastle, we are focused on providing the best and here are some of the benefits of working with us:

    Vast experience

    We have been manufacturing and installing timber decks for years. We are familiar with all of the latest trends and building techniques.

    No job too big or small

    We pride ourselves on being able to undertake any size project, whether it’s a deck for a house or just an extension onto your existing patio area.

    Committed to quality

    We use only the best materials available on the market. We use only Australian timbers, and we’re accredited with the Timber Decking Association as a Master Builder.

    Value for money

    You’ll get a cost-effective deck at an affordable price.

    Flexible approach

    Our team will work with you to create your perfect outdoor space, tailored to suit your

    Excellent aftercare

    You must know what will happen with your timber decking once it’s installed. At Patios Newcastle, we’ll show you how to maintain and care for your timber decking once it’s been completed.


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