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Pergolas Made Just For You By Local Builders

Professional Pergola Builders In Newcastle

Pergola builders outstanding service to Newcastle homeowners for years

Do you have a one-of-a-kind outdoor oasis that needs to be covered? A pergola is an ideal addition to any home. Whether it’s an open patio or a screened-in porch, Patios Newcastle can create the perfect pergola just for you! We offer a variety of styles and finishes so that your pergola will match your style and preference.

All our pergolas are custom built with high-quality materials by experienced professionals who know how to make sure they last through years of harsh weather conditions.


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    What is a Pergola?

    A pergola is one of the most popular sitting areas since it is a covered area where people can be protected from the rain and sun or enjoy an outdoor meal.

    A Pergola is:

    An outdoor structure with open beams is used as a supporting column.
    It was constructed to protect from the weather.
    It is covered by the projecting roof of a building or part of a house, forming an exterior arcade or colonnade surrounding an interior space.
    An attractive addition to any home for simple outdoor dining area purposes or outdoor parties and gatherings with friends and family
    It is also a place to take your meals regardless of the prevailing weather conditions or relax with friends and family while enjoying an outside meal.

    A pergola is constructed to suit your needs, tastes and standards as it is one significant investment for any home.

    Patios Newcastle transform your outdoor living area into an extension of the inside.

    Newcastle's Premier Pergola Builder

    Patios Newcastle is the leading pergola builder in Newcastle. We strive to make sure that all of our customers have a pergola they can be proud to call their own, and we are always happy to discuss your needs with you. Our goal is not just to make you happy but also to ensure that the finished product will last for years.

    We are specialists at constructing pergolas that are within your tastes and standards. All of our pergolas are custom built with high-quality materials by experienced decking professionals who know how to make sure they last through years of harsh weather conditions.

    qualified and experienced pergola installation

    Quality Pergolas for You and Your Home

    Our pergola builders know how to construct pergolas that are tailored to your home and tastes. We can build both natural wood porches with a more classic look, or we can do a metal roof with traditional shingles, giving you something different from our competitors.

    Patios Newcastle has decades of experience in crafting custom outdoor structures for homes like yours. Whether it’s a pergola, patio cover or decking, we have the know-how to suit your needs and make you happy with the work.

    Our experts can design and install pergolas for your outdoor living space. You will have access to a variety of materials and styles, each with its benefits. Wood pergolas are more traditional in look, while metal roofs allow you to choose from hundreds of different colours or designs.

    Decorative Pergola Ideas for Your Home

    Our builders can design and construct anything you want, from simple to elaborate designs. While we work with all budgets and preferences, it is essential for us that our customers feel satisfied with the finished product.

    Here is a list of features we offer:

    Outdoor Stairs

    Outdoor stairs are a great addition that you can add to your walkway or steps. It is beneficial if there are children in the house because it will provide a safe alternative and make it easier for an older person who may have trouble climbing stairs.

    Outdoor lighting

    Outdoor lighting is a great way to make your outdoor space feel more inviting and safe. It is beneficial if you are entertaining guests in the evening to see where they’re going.

    Outdoor fireplaces

    Outdoor firesides are an elegant touch for any home with a large backyard or patio. They give off beautiful, warm light that is perfect on a chilly winter evening.

    Outdoor Kitchen

    An outdoor kitchen is a great way to enjoy cooking, even if you’re not an accomplished chef. Outdoor kitchens are equipped with the latest appliances so that you can prepare food on-the-go

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much will a pergola cost?

    The cost of a pergola will depend on the size and style. You can get an accurate quote by contacting our friendly staff at Patios Newcastle today!

    What is included in my quoted price? Your cost includes materials, labour, and installation. We take care of all permits to ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish without any headaches for you.

    How can a pergola be customized?

    Here at Patios Newcastle, we can customize your pergola to make it work best for you. You can choose from our wide selection of colours and styles, or we will help you plan the perfect one!

    Is it cheaper to buy or build a pergola?

    The cost of building a new pergola is cheaper than purchasing one. To get the total cost, you need to include the materials and labour. It will need an expert to make sure that your pergola lasts for a long time. So make sure to call us if you need a pergola.

    Benefits of building your pergola:

    You can choose which type of material to use for its construction, such as wood or other available styles, in stores near you.
    You have better control of how much light will enter your pergola because you choose the window sizes and location.
    The style does not confine to the kind that the manufacturer has on offer. You can make it in any architectural style.
    If you buy a pre-built one and then find out later that what they sold to you is not suitable for your needs, you will likely have to go through the trouble of returning it and then finding a new one.

    Get a Free Quote On A Pergola Today!

    Contact us at Patios Newcastle today if you’re looking to add a pergola to your outdoor living space! Our friendly staff are available for consultation and will be happy to answer your questions.

    When you choose us, you can be confident that you are getting a great product with the best warranty in Newcastle.


      Patio Newcastle Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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