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uncovered patio for dining area extention

For many years now, Patios Newcastle has worked on countless outdoor projects for residential and commercial clients in Newcastle and surrounding communities in the Hunter Region. Because of the lovely weather and climate most of the year, many homeowners build exterior features to enhance the beauty of their home’s landscape. They have more areas around their property that allow them to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, open or enclosed and covered, we are here to help. Call us to get a free quote for a patio building in Newcastle!


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    We Design and Install Custom Patios and Pergolas in Newcastle, NSW

    We specialise in designing, building, and installing custom-made patios and pergolas. At Patios Newcastle, we take pride in our team of extensively trained and qualified designers and patio builders who are always ready to assist our customers. All projects are given equal importance. No matter how complex or straightforward the patio design is, we can handle it for you.

    During the consultation session with our design team, you can already let us know your ideas and the design you have in mind. We will then offer our recommendations based on trends and the best patio designs for Australian homes that we believe are most suitable to your taste and requirements. We can work around all kinds of budget ranges, and we’ll make sure that quality materials and workmanship remain our top priorities as we install patios and pergolas Lake Maquarie.

    Our Team Uses the Best Quality Materials for Our Patio Projects

    As one of the best patio builders in Newcastle, we have grown our vast network of suppliers and tradies all around Newcastle and beyond. Patios Newcastle sources the best materials to use for all of our projects from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. Our main goal is to deliver excellent quality workmanship while using the most durable materials so that your patio remains beautiful and sturdy throughout the years.

    Enjoy the Great Outdoors With a Beautiful Outdoor Patio

    Newcastle residents are blessed to live in one of the most charming areas in all of Australia, with a pleasant climate most of the year. The best way to take advantage of the lovely weather is for you to spend time outdoors. To better enjoy this experience, it is ideal to have a space where you can relax and chill with family and friends. Not only will a patio be a great additional outdoor living space, but it can also further improve the overall look of your home’s exterior. Allow us to help bring your ideas of a unique and attractive landscape to life with our patio building services. Contact Patios Newcastle for expert assistance today!

    What Kind of Patio Design Do You Need for Your Home?

    Patios are some of the most popular additions one will see in countless Australian homes. These are typically paved areas that are usually but not necessarily directly attached or adjoined to a house. More often than not, they are seen as an extended living space that provides a seamless transition from your home’s interior to its exterior. Many of our clients at Patios Newcastle would request glass or screen sliding doors that open up from their indoor living area to their patio. This would easily increase your entertainment space, especially when you have guests over. Add a beautifully designed patio roofing so you can continue the enjoyment no matter the weather!

    clean minimalist patio design by Patio Newcastlle

    The Purpose of Patios

    Patios are more than just pretty spaces and aesthetic features one can add to their home’s landscape. At Patios Newcastle, while we strive to come up with the best design that suits your taste and preferences, we always consider the overall look and structure of your home. The purpose of a patio is to provide a smooth transition from an indoor to an outdoor living space. Therefore, it shouldn’t look out of place. Another purpose of decks is to provide an area where you can spend time outdoors. Every part of your patio should be designed according to your unique needs and requirements. Our designers keep all these in mind, and we’re proud to say that our customers have always been beyond satisfied with our work.

    multi-sitted birdcage sofa with colorful pillows in a patio area

    Is There a Difference Between a Patio and a Deck?

    I already have a deck on one side of my house. Do I still need a patio? What’s the difference between a patio and a deck anyway? These are probably some of the questions you have in mind right now. Patios and decks are commonly confused because they are both outdoor spaces used as additional living space. While decks are usually made with timber or composite wood, and sometimes metal, patios are more versatile. Stone, pavers, concrete, brick, gravel, and even tiles are used for patios – the possibilities are truly limitless since patios are usually built on the ground. More often than not, decks have railings and stairs because they are used to take advantage of the view from a higher ground level.

    uncovered patio for dining area extention
    wooden tables and chairs in a patio area
    circular shaped sofa with center table in a side of the house patio
    tiled patio with furniture and large plants in the side

    What's the Best Size and Design for a Patio in Newcastle?

    Like all home and landscape improvements and additions, building a patio starts with a design. Patios Newcastle has an experienced team of designers who will work with you to help determine the best size and design for your home’s patio. We encourage our designers to be as creative as possible to deliver unique patio designs that would go beyond our clients’ expectations. At the same time, we keep in mind all building codes and requirements specified by Australia’s Building Code. We’ll assist in securing the required permits for patio installation, too.

    When it comes to installing patios, pergolas, decks, balconies, verandahs, and terraces, for as long as the design falls under the specifications mentioned in the State Environment Planning Policy 2008, they may be considered exempt development that no longer requires approval.

    The Best Patio Size for Your Home

    There’s no specific number that could be considered the best patio size. It always depends on the homeowner’s preference. Of course, the available outdoor space would be the topmost consideration when determining the size of your patio. You can also let our team know what patio size you have in mind. During the designing process, the budget for materials and labour is discussed. Your budget plays a role in determining the size of your patio as well.

    patio with furniture in Newcastle Facing the woods

    Choose From a Variety of Open, Enclosed, and Covered Patio Designs

    Because of the massive popularity of patio living in Australia, there are countless designs to choose from. Our patio builders at Patios Newcastle will install your preferred patio design using the best quality materials available. We’ve built enclosed patios, covered patios, and open backyard patios in many Newcastle homes over the years. Since we specialise in building both decks and pergolas, many of our clients request pergolas built as patio roofing to add shade.

    Another great way to customise your patio design is by selecting unique flooring materials. Timber flooring is a good option for an enclosed patio or covered patio design. Many homeowners also prefer a concrete patio flooring design, tiles, pebbles, and so much more because they are easier to maintain when used outdoors.

    a wooden-walled house and crystal window with patio and timber pergola outside

    Patios Newcastle Makes Luxurious Patios Affordable for Aussie Homeowners

    We are trusted patio builders in Newcastle, and we’re proud to say that we have managed to meet and even exceed our clients’ expectations over the years. Patios Newcastle always uses high-quality materials and delivers excellent workmanship. Our job is only considered done when we are sure you are happy with your patio. We find ways to make luxurious outdoor projects affordable in Newcastle. Our prices are fair, honest, and reasonable. You can always give our team a call to request a free estimate!

    uncovered patio with decking floors

    Are Patios Worth It, and Do They Increase Your Home's Value?

    Building a patio will cost money, but the happy memories you’ll make as you spend time with family and friends in a lovely outdoor space are genuinely priceless. Truth be told, patios are great investments as they add to the value of your real estate. It is an additional living space and is considered an extension of your home’s indoor area. Extra features such as decks and patios, especially if you have a beautiful and durable patio area, will definitely help increase your home’s value.

    bawbeque area in the patio of the house with timber decking

    How Much Does a Patio Cost in Newcastle, NSW?

    According to Hire Trades, building a patio in Australia can cost anywhere between $200 and $900+ per square metre. Factors that are taken into consideration include your patio’s size and the materials you choose for the project. Your deck needs a solid floor, and you may also want to keep it open or enclosed. Patio roofing or patio cover, a possible retaining wall, an attached deck, and other features may also add to the patio cost.

    Your budget ultimately dictates how much your patio will cost. Since patios are built on the ground, it is easier to add improvements later on if you are on a tight budget now. Also, suppose you’re working with talented designers such as those in the Patios Newcastle team. In that case, you can look for cost-effective materials to use as alternatives that are just as luxurious looking as more expensive choices.

    Once again, a patio is an excellent investment. If you’re looking into increasing your living space, adding value to your home, and having more space to relax or entertain, then every dollar spent on your patio is worth it.

    Contact Us to Request a Free Estimate for Your Newcastle Patio Today!

    Are you searching for the best patio builder in Newcastle? Search no further. Patios Newcastle is here to help you out. We build decks and patios, patio gazebos, traditional and modern patio, garden patio, covered patio, enclosed patio, and so much more. We are the preferred patio builders of Hunter Region homeowners because of the quality service we provide and the beautiful and sturdy decks we build. Contact Patios Newcastle today to schedule an appointment with our team and to request a free quote!


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